What people have to say about us

“As a woman in my thirties the decision to wear braces isn’t one I made lightly. But I felt it was important as it was something I had been meaning to fix for ages.

I researched dozens of dentists to find one I thought would do the best job – I don’t make these kinds of decisions lightly, as it would ultimately have a serious impact on my life as a whole. After several meetings with a few different people, I hadn’t found the right fit with someone I could trust. Then I came across Harry Shiers Dentistry, which has been brilliant for me.

My experience with the practice started with Harry himself. The first meeting with him was very informative. He was extremely attentive and understanding, and he listened to exactly what I needed.

After that initial consultation it was clear I needed Incognito Braces so I underwent treatment with Sarah Sadek, who in my opinion is the best in the field. Sarah is one of just a few orthodontists in the UK specially trained to treat people with this new technology. Because Incognito Braces is so new, choosing the right professional who could handle it properly was utterly crucial. I’m delighted to say Sarah was absolutely fantastic – caring, genuine and considerate throughout the whole process.

Sarah was brilliant each time I visited and I cannot fault her. She knew the result I wanted to achieve and knew how to engineer my teeth into the right positions. Sarah, along with Katie, the nurse, made the process enjoyable and relaxing each visit.

I’m so excited with the results of my treatment. My friends were all waiting to see how it turned out and, now that they’ve seen my results, some are even rushing to sign up for similar treatment with Sarah themselves.

I love the look of my teeth and as cheesy as it may sound, I now smile all the time!”


I have to say the whole experience was excellent, very professional, friendly and pain free.
Mrs. F

The Harry Shiers Dentistry team is knowledgeable, reassuring and professional. I needed a combination of crowns, veneers and a bridge. The results are stunning. I am beyond delighted.
Mrs. R

I have always been very conscious about my teeth and how it affected my smile. It’s something that I have been very aware of when taking photographs. I initially went to Harley Street to get Invisalign but after speaking to the orthodontist, she recommended Incognito, telling me that I would get more rapid results from this brace. The brace is very discreet but the results are very dramatic! It has taken 3 months and my whole smile has changed! My teeth have aligned without anyone knowing how. People have commented on how different I look. Incognito has honestly changed my life for the better. The care and treatment has been fantastic and my confidence has grown dramatically and I am only half way through the process.

Mrs. H

Harry’s been looking after my teeth for the last 30 odd years, when he worked at a practice in Poland street W1, so he must be doing something right! Apparently no one else has lasted this long!

Carol Hayes