Patient care

Nervous patients

For people who need extensive treatment or who cannot tolerate the idea of longer treatment sessions, we have a specialist anaesthetist who is an expert at sedation of patients undertaking dental treatment.

This makes any type of treatment completely acceptable and extremely comfortable. Generally most people are unaware that they have undergone any treatment.

Prevention with our hygienist

Our hygienists are experienced with all the available techniques and materials to help slow and stop the progression of gum disease. Once this has been achieved maintenance is the key to keeping a healthy mouth instead of waiting for a problem to arise and then attempting to fix it.

For gum problems that fail to respond to treatment and maintenance regimens, we have a periodontist, who specialises solely in gum disease and its treatment.

Care for children

At our clinic, we want your children to have perfect teeth throughout their lives. We undertake all aspects of children’s dentistry, placing particular emphasis on prevention and oral hygiene.

We take great care to ensure we use fluorides to their optimum effect and apply fissure sealants earlier rather than later, to prevent problems building up.